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The applications are endless, the benefits are real

We provide and operate professional aerial platforms for high performance aerial photography and video work. We can;
  • provide broadcast quality aerial filming and photography
  • take quality pictures from ground level up to 400ft, even higher in some cases
  • get up close to plant and equipment without the need to shut it down
  • get to those hard to reach hazardous locations where you'd rather not send a person
  • work in locations and at heights that conventional manned aircraft can't
  • help with your site and structural surveys / inspections
  • provide site-level visual progress reports
  • setup and start operations quickly
  • work indoors

We work with other partners to bring the client a complete package of skills and expertise. We're partnering with HCVF to provide full on-site production camera crews and expertise for broadcast quality aerial filming, as well as a complete range of HD post-production editing and composition.

We also work with other partners to provide survey services, e.g. photogrammetry processing to produce 3D digital surface models.

The applications are endless, the benefits are real;
  • Greatly enhance the visual impact of videos and pictures
  • Increase safety
  • Improve site and structural surveys and documentation
  • Decrease down time
  • Reduce risk
  • Save time and money