Filming on-site for corporate promotional video for Highland country estate

Aerial Video

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Aerial Video

Greatly enhance the visual impact of your video -
a mobile camera you can position and move as you wish

We supply and operate an all round platform for broadcast quality professional media. Whether the application is broadcast news and media, property, real-estate, sales, golf courses, corporate videos or tourism promotion, we have the solution.

Video & Photography

We can film in 4K or conventional 1920 x 1280 full HD video in a variety of formats at up to 200 Mbps and shoot stills at 24 Megapixel in JPEG or Raw formats - all on 3-axis stabilised remote controlled camera platforms.

Ground Station

The crew on the ground view a live stream of what the camera is seeing and remotely operate the camera pan and tilt and also start and stop recording. For professional filming the aircraft operator and camera operator have their own independent controls and viewing stations, so that the camera operator has full control of camera viewing angle and operation. We can also live stream in HD quality to the ground station and our vehicle is equipped with a 27" HD monitor for viewing.


Aerial Video Scotland - We work with HCVF Television Wells Street Studios as part of our Aerial Filming process.We have worked with a number of media production companies across the country. Locally we have teamed up with HCVF to bring the full package of on-site production camera crews and expertise, as well as full post-production HD editing, composition, after-effects and 3D animation. Whether its for broadcast, web-streaming or DVD/Blu-ray in partnership with HCVF we can provide the full solution for anything from aerial filming and aerial photography in Scotland and across the UK.