Environmental and Agriculture

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Environmental and Agriculture


Using GPS satellite navigation for "precision farming" has become increasingly common in the last decade, allowing farmers to better utilise resources and reduce costs. For instance it has enabled accurate monitoring of harvest yields across a field to allow better use of fertilisers and pesticides in subsequent years.

Some are now predicting that UAVs could, in the not-so-distant future, be as common as tractors and combine harvesters on the farm. Applications such as mapping fields and monitoring crop health for the spread of diseases as well as invasive pests and weeds are already being aided by aerial imagery and other sensors.

Imagery can be captured using normal daylight cameras but also with specialised multi-spectral cameras, near infra red and ultraviolet cameras. This allows issues related to the environment and crop health to be identified which are not visible to the naked eye.

Aerial imagery can also be invaluable for managing the environmental and egological impact for construction projects. For example, "before and after" pictures can assist with environmental remediation after construction is finished.

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