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Safely get close to those hard to reach places

Industrial inspections can be risky, time consuming and may require the closing down of process plant and machinery to allow safe access. Using scaffolding, cranes or rope access teams has traditionally been the only option.

But with a flying, high definition, remote controlled camera on a stabilised platform we can work with you to safely perform visual inspections of buildings and structures. We can give you a live view on the ground of those assets to enable you to make real-time assessments of any course of action that may be required.

We can optionally use a thermal imaging camera, which is highly useful for detecting hot spots. This enables early detection of problems in equipment before failures occurs, allowing preventative maintenance to be scheduled.

We record still images and video footage for your own records and audit trails.

We will always work with you in advance to determine your requirements and priorities.

Applications include;
  • Electricity pylons and power lines
  • Wind turbines
  • Gas flare stacks
  • Oil and gas pipelines and infrastructure
  • Bridges and supporting structures