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Capturing the images you need

For environmental aerial surveys, geological / geophysical surveys, estate management, land use or GIS aerial mapping, a remotely operated aerial vehicle is considerably cheaper than a manned aircraft and can fly lower. Whether it's survey teams creating a detailed 3D digital surface model or an archeological teams wanting to see features not easily seen from the ground, we can help survey the terrain and capture the high definition images you need.

Digital surface and terrain models require large quantities of images to be captured for photogrammetry tools to produce 3D computer models. We can aid your survey teams and simplify the task of capturing that imagery for you by pre-programming the UAV to autonomously fly the area of interest on a pre-defined scannng path, while the camera automatically captures images at a predetermined period.

With aerial surveys from a UAV we can fly over the rough or soft terrain that would otherwise be hard to reach by vehicle or on foot. And importantly we don't leave a mark on the ground underneath us, so the environment is not disturbed.

All our images can be geo-tagged with the GPS position of the camera when the picture was taken.

We offer Aerial Survey and Aerial Mapping throughout the UK