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Our Systems

Flexible, adaptable, reliable and designed for the job in hand

We operate four different aerial platforms, or drones, each one designed for a variety of different tasks. They are all 8 or 6 engined professional grade aircraft with built in redundancy and failsafes.

All our UAVs have GPS satellite navigation to control and monitor their position. Two independent channels of telemetry back to the ground station allows the operator to tell the aircraft status, including its position, height, distance from take-off, GPS signal quality and battery level. All the aircraft can autonomously maintain their position in a GPS controlled hover and for safety purposes they can make their own way back to the take-off point and land without user input. The aircraft have a separate fixed camera for the pilot that is independent of the moving camera used for filming.

Our ground station has all the control equipment and video screens required to allow our crew and the client to control and monitor precise and safe operations. We can even monitor and control the aircraft from a PC or iPad, giving it pre-programmed flight plans for autonomous operations such as scanning a specific area.

We carry plenty of flight batteries, a generator, chargers and all that's needed to carry out a safe and professional job for the client.