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Full HD and 4K video

24Mpixel stills

The aircraft are all fitted with sophisticated 3-axis stabilised camera platforms so that even if the aircraft body is moving and rolling the camera will stay level and pointing in a constant direction. We can carry and remotely operate professional still and video cameras, multi-spectral cameras and thermal infra-red cameras. Full HD pictures can be live streamed from the aircraft to the ground station allowing the operator to frame the perfect shot.

The larger aircraft are designed for professional video work being fitted with retractable landing gear and carrying either a Canon 5D Mark III or Panasonic GH4 camera. They have a separate remote transmitter for the cameraman to control the camera, independent from the aircraft operator. It also has a separate fixed camera for the operator to see where the aircraft is flying, independent of which way the video camera is pointing. The GH4 is a highly regarded camera for 4K video.

We also fly with a Sony A6000 and Sony RX10 which we use for high quality stills for inspection and survey. The RX10 allows us to have remote controlled 8x zoom.  All our stills pictures can be geo-tagged to embed the GPS position of the camera when the picture was taken, ideal for GIS and survey work.

We can do all sorts of post processing including photogrammetry and stitching images together to create detailed panoramas such as below (click on the image to see a larger version of the picture);